Download Script Hook V for GTA 5


Script Hook V is a library needed to run GTA 5 on PC scripts created on the ASI.

Supported patches: 1.0.335.2/1.0.350.1/1.0.372.2/1.0.393.2/1.0.393.4/1.0.463.1/1.0.505.2/1.0.573.1/1.0.617.1/1.0.678.1/1.0.757.2/1.0.757.4/1.0.791.2/1.0.944.2

How to install Script Hook V?

  1. Copy ScriptHookV.dll in the main game folder (where GTA5.exe)
  2. To run ASI scripts need ASI Loader for this place in the main folder of the file (dinput8.dll).
  3. In the archive there is also a sample ASI-scriptnative trainer to use it, just throw NativeTrainer.asi in the main folder.

Script Hook V is not working in GTA Online.To enter GTA Online, you need to remove the ASI loader.

How to fix error with Script Hook V?

Quite a lot of players encounter an error «script hook v critical error unknown game version», below we describe a possible solution to this problem. You can also find the answer in the comments below.

Solution: the Error «script hook v critical error. FATAL: unknown game version» is most likely to occur after the release of new patches for GTA 5. To resolve this error, delete all the files in the stator version of the plugin, namely asiloader.log ScriptHookV.dll, ScriptHookV.log dinput8.dll and NativeTrainer.asi, then install the latest version of the plugin.

Free Download Script Hook V 1.0.1011.1 for GTA 5

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One Comments
  1. yasir 20.03.2016 in 20:58

    Hi everyone,
    I have script hook but i have a problem may it because of it. anyway the problem is i download simple trainer v3.5  in the first time i install it in the game it work but when i open the game in next time there is a error that tell me is where a problem on the trainerv.asi which is the simple trainer asi file so it not work any more. then i delete it and install it again but the same massage come and it not work. so i delete the trainer and the script hook and i install them again and the trainer work but just one time then the same problem happen. in short i have to delete them and install them again!!.

    so i did not know what to do please help me.also for knowing i just play offline i didnt play online and the version of script hook is  1.0.678.1 and the build of game is 350 and these problem came after i delete the game and install it again without delete the save game and the trainer was work perfectly before that.  

    sorry for my bad english.

    thank you all.  


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