Market Unlocker APK


Market Unlocker APK allows you to access a trial or paid applications in the Android Market 2.x, 3.x and Amazon Appstore in one click. It is safe, stable, simple and free. For the operation of the program requires root privileges.

Requirements for Market Unlocker APK:

  1. Root rights
  2. Pre-installed Android market
  3. Pre Amazon appstore (optional)

Features of Market Unlocker APK:

  1. Changing provider in one click
  2. Change provider automatically on boot or switch mode «on the plane»
  3. Proxy support for Android Market 3.x. Supports HTTP, Socks4, Socks5 proxy and user authentication.
  4. It is strongly recommended SOCKS 4/5 proxy.
  5. Amazon Appstore support outside the United States.
  6. Support for search, retrieval and automatic proxy configuration (only in the pro-version)

Basic usage of Market Unlocker APK:

Click any item in the list in the «Market» tab to activate the Market Unlocker APK. That’s all. Also you can switch to the Home and Proxy for additional functions.

Free Download Market Unlocker PRO APK 3.5.1

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