Although the total computerization of humanity and release of new, more compact devices, such as tablets, ultra-thin laptops, mobile phones today, many people still remain as staunch supporters of standard and proven personal computers.

Naturally, given the thousands of different configurations both in terms of operating systems, and technical facts, every PC owner faces with difficulties almost every day. In order to solve these problems we present Hardware section where we will provide you step by step instructions in the solution of any problems understandable to any PC user.

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How to fix the most frequent Errors when updating Windows

At the moment, the current version of Windows OS is...

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How to update iOS — Complete update instructions

Several times of the year have changed, and it’s time...

Windows 10
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Windows Error Codes 10 — Repair Instructions

When working with Windows 10, different error codes may occur....

Windows old
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How to remove Windows old in Windows 10

Most recently, during the first appearance of the new version...

Directx 11
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How to download Directx 11 for Windows 10

The need to download Directx 11 for Windows 10 could...

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How to remove DirectX on Windows 10?

We would like to start an article with what it...

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How to fix error 0xc000000f during Windows boot

There are times when after rebooting or shutting down the...

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How to fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE (error 324)?

Surely many people faced this error by working in the...

Whea uncorrectable error
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How to fix Whea uncorrectable error?

While engaging in important matters at computers or during the...

critical process died
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How to fix critical process died?

If «critical process died» appears on your computer, what does...

Inaccessible boot device
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Inaccessible boot device — causes and solutions

Inaccessible boot device is an error — appears when a...

How to fix Google Play store Error 194
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How Google Play Security works and how to turn it off?

Security from various kinds of viruses and malware has always...

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How to fix error 0x80070002 in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7

Error 0x80070002 may occur when upgrading Windows 10 and 8,...

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What csrss.exe is and why this process loads RAM?

When studying the running processes in the Windows 10, 8...

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