How to fix error “Rockstar update service is unavailable” (error code 201) in GTA Online


«Rockstar update service is unavailable (error code 201). Please, try again later». This problem occurs at many owners of GTA 5 Online disk version. In this article we consider the ways to solve this problem. Rockstar update service is unavailable” (error code 201)

For GTA 5 disk version on PC. The first way to solve the error 201 is to update Social Club to the latest version. The fact is that the latest version of the program installs during game installation from disk to your computer. Without an updated version of the Social Club, you simply won’t be able to download the necessary files from the Rockstar servers.

Method 1

  1. Delete Social Club if the program is already installed on your computer (Default location — C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club).
  2. For unknown reasons, Rockstar closed the ability to download the latest version of Social Club on own servers, in this regard, we had to find another trusted source. Do not be surprised that the website is Russian and you can safely download the Social Club there while your language will be determined automatically.
  3. Download the last version of Rockstar Games Social Club.
  4. If doesn’t help then you need action menu the latest version of the launcher for GTA 5. on this link you can always find the latest version of launcher
  5. All done. Problem with the error code 201 must be solved!

Method 2 

  1. Go to your location of where your GTA 5 was installed.
  2. Right click on «GTAVLauncher.exe» and create a shortcut.
  3. Right click on the shortcut & go to properties.
  4. Now go in target and type «-verify -noChunkedDownload» at the end of it. Like this. «D:\RockStar Games\GTAVLauncher.exe» -verify -noChunkedDownload
  5. Done.

For everyone who is having Problems with Error 201 in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update on GTA Online:

Just download both, first start the Social Club Patch and then the GTA Update , after that start GTA via Launcher and Enjoy the Update.

The latest version of the GTA 5 launcher is always available on this page — Download GTA 5 Launcher

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  1. Darren 11.12.2015 in 20:51

    Where’s the link to download the latest social club?

  2. SomeMotherfkr 12.12.2015 in 03:00

    This link confirms it’s clean.

    Rockstar are the most useless bunch of cnts if they cant even post a direct link to the update on their own site and rely on possibly dodgy Russian 3rd party links

    • Daniel 13.12.2015 in 19:36

      Welcome to the world of online DRM. Where all the pirates get better support from shady websites, than honest customers get for being stupid enough to buy a legitimate copy.

      Next time, vote with your wallet and don’t buy a game that is infested with DRM.

  3. Alex Rodriguez 12.12.2015 in 07:11

    Thank you so much for this after hours of looking online this worked. 

  4. man 12.12.2015 in 12:52

    Thanks worked for me

    • 030 12.12.2015 in 14:28

       my computer cant can the place to delete the soical clubC:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club

      • tfadmin 12.12.2015 in 14:29

        So not removed, but simply install the new version from the link above.

    • 030 12.12.2015 in 14:33

      um…….,but i cant delete the soical club it tell me that the soical club is running should i need to delete the GTA5

      • tfadmin 12.12.2015 in 14:37

        Do not delete, just downloaded the link — 
        and run the installation

        • 030 12.12.2015 in 15:35

          run it as ???? wordpad ? notebook ??? word2016???

          • Xinput333_3dll missing 25.12.2015 in 10:51

            Run it as admin

        • 030 12.12.2015 in 15:39

          i can download the link but i cant run it

          • tfadmin 12.12.2015 in 16:11

            here .exe version —

        • 030 12.12.2015 in 16:34

          bro, I love you so much.Thank u for helping me. God Bless you

          • jade26 12.12.2015 in 19:20

            how do you download the .exe version above.Thanks

            • tfadmin 12.12.2015 in 20:32

              link —

              • jade26 13.12.2015 in 08:07

                thanks a lot!it working perfect now

              • tfadmin thanker 13.12.2015 in 18:17

                THANK YOU

    • 030 12.12.2015 in 14:33

      Plz help 

  5. ROHIT 12.12.2015 in 16:26

    you give us the link of social club v1.1.6.8
    but on rockstar official page it showing this version for max Payne & for la noire

    • tfadmin 12.12.2015 in 18:58

      this work in GTA 5, do not worry

  6. ROHIT 12.12.2015 in 16:35


  7. Emrecan 12.12.2015 in 17:00

    I love U bro Thanks U are BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kill 12.12.2015 in 17:22

    Thanks maan i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  9. Max Cula 12.12.2015 in 19:37

    I never replied in forums yet, but this time i have to say: Thank you man! Your a f*** all-day hero!

  10. MANDEEP SINGH 12.12.2015 in 19:43

    i deleted the older version of social club and installed the new version and it went well. but when i run GTA 5 it simply starts downloading 62 gb of game data although i have installed all the & DVDs. kindly help….

  11. RiskyNormal 12.12.2015 in 23:46

    I am gonna have to make love with you cause it worked

  12. Brian 13.12.2015 in 01:40

    Do you really think posting sketchy. Ru domains for a patch is a wise idea. Have fun in the botnet guys. 

  13. Astereth 13.12.2015 in 01:55

    Thank you so much for helping. I was starting to lose my faith and you saved me 😀

  14. WS234 13.12.2015 in 02:22

    This is legit, even though it’s in Russian. Just click on the obvious buttons there, and it will download the latest version of Social Club. I scanned it before I ran it and everything was clean. GTA V is downloading now, where I had a 201 error message before! Works as advertised!

  15. Gökhan 13.12.2015 in 03:30

    Teşşekkürler Arkadaşım. (Thank you My Friend)

    • Emre eyup 20.11.2016 in 14:04

      Ya bende denedim ama olmadi. Orjinal oldugu icinmi oyunum acaba olmadi. ‘Mail atarmisin bu konuda bana acaba emr.eyup

  16. Kylith 13.12.2015 in 04:08

    Omg… Really really thanks !!!!!!!! o_o i love u

  17. kjasd 13.12.2015 in 04:11


  18. Matthew 13.12.2015 in 06:10

    This worked perfectly.  Thank you very much!!!

  19. Senyah13 13.12.2015 in 08:40

    I tried downloading the file Multiple times and it won’t work. It wants me to BUY the program I’m using to install the new Social Club. This is ridiculous. If I knew it would be this hard to play a game I would not have chosen GTA V. 🙁 I was really looking forward to playing. Some help would be great please…

  20. jamppane 13.12.2015 in 12:26

    Did not work, it just crashes repeatedly until i close gta v from task manager. I removed the game, reinstalled windows, tried to install gta v again, but the same code 201 error persists. I can’t go on with installation and downloading. I sent email to rockstar support with attachments, because the submit a request page at rockstar website didn’t submit my request 😀 

    • tfadmin 13.12.2015 in 12:37

      Take a screenshot of where an error, and add a link to a screenshot here.

  21. muellermaxxx 13.12.2015 in 12:38

    perfectly. thank you vry much !!!

  22. Tomaso 13.12.2015 in 13:03

    Yes it works also thanks to russian guys for tutorial 🙂

  23. Sascha 13.12.2015 in 15:23

    wtf this really works :> rockstar shame on u!

  24. Gonzales 13.12.2015 in 17:54

    This actually helped, was quite nervous about using it but somehow it worked out prefectly. thank you.

  25. Risto 13.12.2015 in 23:23

    Thank you from me and my son. This was perfect. We are very graitfull and happy

  26. rockstarcrapstar 14.12.2015 in 01:51

    this is not working for me i have even uninstalled and now i cant even reinstall

  27. Rule 14.12.2015 in 02:03

    I have reinstall hole my sistem because of this. 65GB again because of 40MB. Thanks you a lot. Regards

    • rockstarcrapstar 14.12.2015 in 02:06

      how is this working for you i went from error code 201 to error code203  this is absolutely frustrating ive had this game for 2 days and ic ant play it

  28. Ilunga 14.12.2015 in 23:51


    The way I fixed this problem is to update the nvidia graphics card, to do this download the driver update software from the official website: download the automatic driver updates, look for an update and if there is one, download it. After installing it using the software witch is easy, I restarted my computer and tried it, and it worked. Hope this helps guys! 😀 gl!

  29. Rolex 18.12.2015 in 23:42

    WOW really thanks mate :DD 

  30. vovillia 05.01.2016 in 11:52

    Doesn’t work, still getting that same annoying arse error.

  31. JustPlay 09.01.2016 in 05:17

    already installed new social club v and still geting that error.. can someone help please..

    • tfadmin 09.01.2016 in 09:30

      please make a screenshot with the error, and leave a link to the picture here

  32. subhan 12.01.2016 in 10:41

    thanks works

  33. deden revira 13.01.2016 in 06:46

    i cant install the update , it said installer integrity check has failed, please help

  34. sherif 07.02.2016 in 04:40

    I did install the latest rockstar version but the same error still occur ! I am out if solutions !

  35. theslurperman 21.02.2016 in 21:34

    It didnt work, please someone help me im going crazy here!

  36. raaing 08.03.2016 in 14:20

    In case this doesn’t work ,didn’t for me, go to
    download the latest patch, follow the instructions and enjoy, worked for me.

    • raaing 08.03.2016 in 14:53

      Sorry, my bad I meant from here :

  37. marko 26.04.2016 in 00:15

    My version of Social Club is and still dont work… can someone help ?

    • xiaoking12 29.04.2016 in 23:33

      marko mine too

  38. xiaoking12 29.04.2016 in 23:32

    hi my problem is more or less the same but the link is this do i still do the same as what they did..?

  39. xiaoking12 29.04.2016 in 23:45

    i have already what shall i do?

  40. tfadmin 07.06.2016 in 14:30

    Download it manually if your having any Error Codes like (201) Or something! Download theese two First Social Club then Launcher! It works much faster! I am currently loading GTA online on PC due to this manual fix. Just download this 2 .

    First the social club then the GTA launcher and your done

    • Leininas 07.06.2016 in 14:59

      Man… you just saved my life with the new launcher link!! cheers!

    • DevilScarlet 07.06.2016 in 15:49

      Thanks a lot, I finallay was able to launch this damn update, you rocks!

    • Epicgaming 07.06.2016 in 16:38

      Dude thank you so much finaly update is downloading 😀 cant thank you enough

    • James 16.07.2016 in 14:45

      Your a life saver! Thanks bro

    • uncle524 25.08.2016 in 14:04

      Thanks….this works for me. Cheers!

  41. Aakash Vannan 07.06.2016 in 16:32

    wow really worked !! had error where social club latest ( download will fail at 99% ( seriously ) and keep getting the error 201. I managed to get the manual link link of social club ( ) , i installed nothing worked ! but u guys also posted the latest version of the gta v launcher too ! which ran the game successfully 😀 😀 !!

  42. Lopfest 07.06.2016 in 17:25

    Finally someone found out a solution for this rockstar shit. Thank you very much.

  43. Robbin 07.06.2016 in 17:32

    Hello 🙂 I have problems since this new DLC update. I’m getting a 201 error. Then tried all above. got the but now it says its an incomplete installation (even before starting with the DLC update download/install) and i can’t even do less then before. Help 🙁

    • Hassan 07.06.2016 in 18:22

      same man it sucks

    • tfadmin 07.06.2016 in 18:24

      Delete the Social Club program folder from Program files. After install the latest version the link in the article

      • Hassanfromthebefores 07.06.2016 in 18:28

        i only deleted it at my x86 folder im a tard xD

  44. Pissed 07.06.2016 in 18:33

    Doesnt work on me, getting code 16, fucking rockstar

    • tfadmin 07.06.2016 in 18:34
      • Pissed 07.06.2016 in 18:44

        Now i got it, so instructions for those who didnt get it to work: Delete social club folders from program files and program files x86, then install launcher update ( dont install social club) then it completes the social club download 

        • papposz 07.06.2016 in 20:26

          thx man… finalllyyyyyy its worked! 🙂

          • marko 08.06.2016 in 14:11

            i try this and still dont work, now update is again 527 mb and in the end getting error code 201… game worked very good until yesterday and this new update.. can someone help?

  45. wobaleno 07.06.2016 in 19:09

    so nice thx

  46. xxinxxx 08.06.2016 in 11:07

    I downloaded the update but after the update it says the 201 error help?

    • Tim Rose 08.06.2016 in 18:14

      After that error download the patch above again restart your computer and then try the update again.  Worked for me.

  47. Martin 08.06.2016 in 11:18

    why when i download it then the new version say that i don’t have an activation key but i have fixed that. but know it’s come up with a new error it says that there are no connetion to the rockstar game service… so what do i do..?

  48. Morgarath 11.06.2016 in 23:56

    I have problem error code 16 and error code 202… I proceeded step by step according to your advice, but it still does not run ..

  49. Robbin 12.06.2016 in 17:30

    Hey guys, just a message about my reply up here. It made it work. Thanks TFadmin and other guys. Happing gaming! cheers 🙂

  50. Lukáš 20.11.2016 in 12:03

    this didnt fuction i have got erroc code 201. i dont know what can i do

  51. Made 04.02.2017 in 17:42

    Just tried method two after trying all of the other methods that are flying around forums on the internet (such as, deleting some x64.rpf files, changing some internet stuff on the control panel, and throttling the download speed)
    method 2 works, and man I am so relieved to find a solution for it. this page will be forever bookmarked if I need to install this on a different PC!

    Thank you very much

  52. Void 18.07.2017 in 07:47

    Nothing works. either the new update or something is blocking anything from fixing this because I even deleted the game and re downloaded it and it still doesn’t work. How the hell does this game not work right after downloading it????

  53. Ricky 31.08.2017 in 05:55

    Hey man truly a website and article that works! Thank you!

  54. ammu 20.04.2018 in 16:57

    method 2 worked for me
    so after the updates are insatlled do i delete the added text

  55. 11.05.2018 in 15:05

    My Problem is: The Rockstar Game Services are unavailable. Please try again later or check the GTA Online Status page for maintenance and outage notifications:
    So what can i do now?

  56. Izqui 18.06.2018 in 13:52

    My fucking god, all night long without sleeping and finally i found a well explained solution that works.

  57. FreakyOps 16.10.2018 in 21:17

    for me, 2ne method (-verify -noChunkedDownload) worked.
    i spend 3 fkn days for this stupid error. Thank you very much. 🙂

  58. mohit 08.01.2019 in 12:14

    i found a solution about How to Solve The Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable
    www hackhindi. in/how-to-solve-the-rockstar-update-service-is-unavailable/


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