The Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — review of the legendary game franchise


The Legends of Zelda is the legendary game series from Nintendo. Her first appearance took place almost forty years ago. However, the popularity and love of millions of fans for this project made the developers remember it again.

Series overview

Series overview

Back in the days of the first part, the game was different from other similar entertainments. She had an adventure genre. And most importantly — the presence of a moment of conservation. It was a rarity at that time, so it became the key to success. On top of that, The Legends of Zelda had a lot of different bosses, missions, unusual locations, and colorful characters.

The main idea of the developers was to convey the children’s mood, namely the joy that appears during exploration and unexpected discoveries in the game. And they succeeded!

A resourceful boy was taken as a hero. His name was Link. His mission was to collect pieces of the Triphos of Wisdom. This is a special artifact owned by Princess Zelda. His power was that he helped overthrow the evil monster named Ganon.

This plot was touched upon in each part of the games from different angles. The gameplay was also similar. The player was presented with a map that he researched. During the character’s journey, monsters, villains, trials, the search for resources, weapons and artifacts awaited. These moments became the foundation for the entire series of Zelda games.

The latest variation was released in 2017, it featured modern graphics and an overall approach. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the gamer was given complete freedom. He was also given a map, but neither locations nor other important points were marked on it. Everything had to be found by yourself. The main character had the opportunity to rise to any height.

Of course, there were no such options before, everything was in a flat format. Climate effects have been added. Excessive heat or cold affected Link’s well-being and could even kill him. If it rained, then he put out the fire, for example, a bonfire. Therefore, it was important to take into account such natural phenomena. This made the game more atmospheric and interesting.

What to expect from The Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

The first mention of the game was made at E3 2019. At it, Nintendo presented a teaser of the project. It became clear from him that the new franchise would have a darker mood. By that time, there was no name yet, so there were only assumptions about the future plot.

Two years later, the developers showed the second teaser video. It already contained a little more information. For example, some of Link’s new skills were shown. The name itself became clear only in 2022. The first full trailer of the game was also presented there.

Story line

Story line

Unfortunately, there is still no exact data about the plot. This is the most mysterious information at the moment. The story in the game can only be judged by the videos from the developer, and it is not shown in them.

It is known that instead of the usual Calamity of Ganon, Ganon himself will stand in the center of evil. He was able to return in his guise, and now a new danger hung over Zelda and her people. Link is simply obliged to come to the rescue and save the princess.



In the game, as many are accustomed to, there will be an open world. Scary clouds will appear over the main location of the kingdom as soon as Ganon is reborn. The terrain resembles the previous part of the series. There are changes in vegetation, unusual shapes and new monsters. For example, Construct will become such an opponent. This is a terrible mechanism with a human appearance.

The clouds also contain puzzles, hidden traps and bosses. There you can meet an alligator and fight with him. The flying islands above the kingdom will become staging areas that will help the player move to a new part of the map. It will be enough to dive down from them. Thus, Tears of the Kingdom aims to make the exploration of Hyrule even more vertical. Even the hero’s journey begins on one of the flying islands. There he gets his new abilities.

Link Skills

Link Skills

As the main abilities, it is worth mentioning Fuse and Godhand. Each skill is necessary and unique. The first makes it possible to combine weapons of different models into one powerful mechanism. Such a manipulation can even be done with any object, if there are no other options. For example, a branch will become a deadly weapon in one click. Creating hybrid weapons can captivate many gamers. It develops imagination and provides endless possibilities.

The second ability has a similar direction. It allows you to connect and disconnect different objects. However, it will not be a weapon, but various structures, machines, and useful devices. Users will have the opportunity to build everything they have enough imagination and resources, including flying machines.

Link also has other skills. They allow you to move between locations. Recall allows you to recreate the movement of an object in rewind. Thus, the hero will be able to partially turn time.

Not surprisingly, the developers of the game took more than six years to create. Complex game mechanics, fascinating quests, unusual skills require careful study and many years of effort.

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