Level Up Guide for The Outer Worlds


The Outer Worlds is primarily interested in quests, which are almost always better to solve with words, rather than force. In addition, to see as much of the available content as possible, you need to develop social, technical and other non-combat skills. In this guide, we will talk in detail about creating a character and display the optimal build for the first passage.


The basic characteristics of the character affect bonuses or penalties, starting skills and dialogue options. So, already at the start, you can get a critical damage penalty if you remove intelligence to a minimum. Pay attention to related skills. For example, insight provides a good plus for shooters. That is, at the beginning of the game, the skill of owning weapons you will already have a little pumped.

Unfortunately, a universal character can’t be done anyway, there’s not enough points for everything. The maximum level of the character is the 30th, which means that you can distribute only 300 points (10 for each level). In other words, only 3 skills can be efficiently pumped in.

Since you often have to fight in Outer Worlds, we recommend that you pump one combat direction. Therefore, to begin with, decide on your character as a melee or ranged fighter. It is rather a matter of taste, but with firearms in general it is easier to play. In addition, melee fighters in a good way also need to download protection, which leads to additional costs.

  • Strength. This is the most important indicator for melee fighters, so develop it to the maximum. In addition, it significantly increases the carrying capacity, which will save on the corresponding perks.
  • Dexterity. It is especially important for fighters with one-handed weapons, as it increases the attack speed. For shooters, reload speed is important, but not so much. In the end, you can recharge in the shelter.
  • Intelligence. It makes sense to reduce to a minimum only if you want to play the role of a dumbass (stupid answer options are available). In other cases, put the average or higher.
  • Perception. Putting on a minimum and depriving yourself of the opportunity to cause increased damage to the head and weaknesses is not worth it. For shooters, we recommend setting not lower than average, but better above.
  • Charm. Bonuses for teammates and faction reputation are not very useful, but a plus for old-time skills is not bad here. Recommended medium or higher.
  • Temperament. Affects automatic health recovery. The lack of first-aid kits in the game is not observed, so the wave can be reduced to a minimum.

Total, in our case, we invest everything in intelligence and perception, and leave the rest on average.


The main thing to understand is that in order to achieve the best result, you need to systematically pump in certain skills that depend on your build. Despite this, there are skills that are worth pumping into each character. And now about everything in more detail.

Melee or ranged combat. The main skill that you need to download always.

Protection. Skills exclusively for close combat. Do not neglect them on the appropriate build.

Communication. Speaking skills are extremely important, as they are constantly used in the game. If you want to have more options for solving quests, including peacefully, then download the entire branch. Towards the end of the game, options will appear that require a maximum skill of 100. Note that these options can be increased with equipment, teammates, or perks.

Stealth. An ambiguous branch, especially on normal difficulty and below. Secrecy is practically unnecessary — many places are much easier to run through or just clean up. But hacking terminals and locks is already more useful. In fact, this gives some advantages in solving quests, opens inaccessible places and allows you to collect high-quality loot.

Technology. In addition to interesting dialogue possibilities and options for solving quests, this group of skills provides other tangible advantages. Pump this category up to at least 20. Medicine. Already at level 20, an additional cell in the inhaler opens. The science. This is one of the most useful skills. With it, you can increase the level of weapons on a workbench. Engineering. Allows you to repair weapons in the field. It is very convenient not to run every time to traders or a workbench.

Leadership. This thread is entirely dedicated to partners. It is worth pumping at least up to 20 to open the skills of partners. But even without this, you can completely do it, pump it in only if there are extra points.

Total, we recommend swinging according to this scheme: 2 points in ranged combat, stealth and technology, 4 points in communication.


Perks can be selected once every two levels. There are three grades (levels) of perks. Each new level opens after acquiring 5 abilities of the previous categories.

If you do not rush and perform side tasks, then in the game it is really possible to pump up to level 30 (this is the maximum). So you can take 15 perks in total, plus one extra point can be obtained for flaws.

Defects can be acquired by performing certain actions, for example, often being damaged in the fall. As a rule, one skill point is not worth those drawbacks that imposes a flaw, so it is better to refuse them. The only reason to take them is the achievement “Imperfect Hero”.

Recommended first level perks: Coolness, Die Hard, Packet Mule, Cheetah, Deadly Demonstrations.

Recommended second-level perks: Flea marketer, Flock of pack mules, Harvester, Run-shoot, Scanner.

Recommended third level perks: Confidence, Master Armor, Supermul, Penetrating Shot, Thick Hide.

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