Assassin’s Creed Syndicate guide: how to make a lot of money

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will bring you a lot of different models of weapons. Naturally, you want it all. Alas, randomly killing people does not make a lot of money. What to do to rectify the financial situation in the game?

You have three options:

  • First, wait and save money, but it will take time
  • Second: Pay real money and get a virtual currency
  • Third: Read this guide

To start

Almost everything you do in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate brings money, but to earn normally, you need to approach it with the mind, or once again have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to buy the same weapon.

The basic approach: earn playing. Never buy something that does not make you richer. Get up to 4 sequence as quickly as possible. Buy gang upgrades for earnings. Invest in gang upgrades. Profit.

# 1 Pump auto-luting

Once you will have skill points, put them in the automatic luting skill of enemies and pump the getting shortfall of resources. The time that you spend on luting may not be significantly, but it builds up so you will lose hours especially in the middle of the game. With regard to resources, they will be useful later. Put them in storage.

Pump combat and covert skills after pumping luting and resources.

Now go out and bring down the bad guys in parallel completing missions.

# 2 Go to the 4th Sequences

Do not even try to earn in Whitechapel, simply follow the mission until you reach the 4th episode. Do not waste time on the chest. Do not buy or upgrade anything — just pass the mission.

Why? Because a number of techniques for quick money is locked up until 4th sequence. This means that the money that you spend up to that point will mean a decline in your efficiency.

# 3 Do not buy or upgrade something that you do not need

The biggest secret to being rich in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate — just do not throw your money that you can invest on unnecessary waste.

Check your equipment: you should have a lot of «cool things», which in reality take place in your pocket. Sell ​​the armor, which is below your level. Do not use a lot of options, especially if you stick to one style. You can buy anything you want when you’re a millionaire.

Also, it is not necessary to pump low-level equipment.

# 4 Invest in gang upgrades

You have reached the 4th sequences and drained money for joy? Well done!

Now after you received a base, you can spend your money on gang upgrades, by interacting with a poster in front of the Ivy table, or via the menu. Do not pay attention to the two left branches, concentrating on the right-hand side. The rightmost column — is a gold mine. Each upgrade means more money in the safe. Pump the entire column as soon as you can. Also return to the safe when it is full on 75% and re-invest.

When your safe has scored income, take the money and buy new upgrades in the «cash» branches. Pay attention to the fact that one of them reduces the price of other upgrades, the other reduces the price of things in the shops.

# 5 Find chests

One of the easiest ways to find a large amount of money is to buy a map of the chests from the merchant and then scrape the entire area at a time. One approach — one district. Start with the easiest. It’s not as dull as it sounds, especially since you will hook into the middle of the sequence.

# 6 Do the Parallel Missions

Open the map. It should be a symbol of N, indicating the position of the Neda. This businessman can offer you a variety of tasks that are performed without any problems and allow to earn money and resources.

Such activities are very private. Do not ignore the capture or defense, they require not so much time, but are very profitable.

You will need a third level of loyalty of Ned to open unique materials.

# 7 Optional objectives

Performing the story missions you can earn more and get a boost of experience performing third-party tasks. Do not ignore them.

# 8 Be patient

Time is your friend. Let Ivy stand up on the roof, watching the London until you make yourself a sandwich. Go back and take the money from the safe. They are usually enough for a new upgrade. Pump over and repeat. And yet, you can do something useful while the money flows. For example wash dishes, pet items, go to the store until you will have more money.

Once you have purchased all the upgrades, just regularly check safe. You will not have problems with money any more.

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