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Surely everyone has heard of TG’s Resident Evil. This game is not just a classic PC horror game, but also a great shooter that every second owner of a computer or console has played. However, the studio has suspended the release of new parts of the legendary franchise and decided to expand its portfolio. As a result, in the winter of 2023, users saw a new masterpiece from Gameworks, the Hi-Fi rush game is a fantastic action game in the musical genre.

The players quickly raised the popularity of the developers, making their rating on Steam one hundred percent. Some critics even awarded the game the status of «Discovery of the Year», however, at the time of release, not many gamers managed to get acquainted with the project, therefore, it is not surprising that it received so many positive ratings, compared with which the negative reviews were simply lost. Nevertheless, the new experiment from Tango, like all games, has its pros and cons, which we will talk about in a little more detail.

System requirements and supported platforms

System requirements and supported platforms

To pass hi fi rush, the system requirements on the PC must meet the minimum recommended by the creators, and, for a comfortable game, it is best to use:

  • Windows 10, on a 64-bit system.
  • Gaming processor, at least an Intel Core i5, but ideally a Ryzen 3 1200.
  • RAM — 8 GB of free space.
  • Video card — at least GTX 1050 or RX 560.
  • Free disk space is at least 20 GB.

In addition to PC, the game will also be available on all Xbox X and S series consoles. Perhaps in the future, the developers will also release a mobile version, since such requests are already being received from gamers who have become acquainted with this action project.

Main characters and their characteristics

Main characters and their characteristics

As for the location of the game and the main participants, the player will have to travel to the distant future. Most of all, the picture resembles cyberpunk, the universe is filled with various robots and ordinary people who coexist with mechanical machines. We can say that the project embodies the classic features of cyberpunk, but the original, cartoonish drawing does not allow you to see them at first sight. Also, the whole game world, in itself colorful, throughout the passage does not leave the feeling that the action takes place in a comic book.

The characters of cyberpunk action madness deserve special attention. The main character is Chai, a self-confident, bright and cheerful guy whose dream is to become a popular mega rock star. The character does not really have a rich mind and he has a defect in his right hand, which is why he uses a bionic prosthesis.

However, the guy decides to take a chance and go for an operation that could fix this problem, but everything does not go according to plan and now he has a player in his chest instead of a heart. However, he is not completely helpless, his robot arm allows him to summon a guitar that can not only fight but also create music.

Tea will be accompanied by a talking cat named 808 or, Eight for loved ones. Also, the team will include Mint — a brilliant hacker girl who has pistols, which already makes her unrealistically cool. Against her background, Chai looks even more mediocre, but this does not prevent them from being friends. It is she who persuades her partner to defeat the evil corporation that owns the world of the future and prevent it from doing its dirty deeds.

Also, the game makes extensive use of the system of enemies, each of which has its own mechanics, so that users will have to choose an individual approach to opponents. All enemies are robots with a code name, however, there are also bosses that look like ordinary people. For example, Rekka, who looks like a girl, but with a special, cybernetic arm that can stun the player.

Story line

Story line

The plot is a separate issue. During the passage of hi fi rush, players will find not just a musical adventure, but also an exciting action. All events unfold in the future and will develop around the story of a «defective» guy, with a player instead of a heart — Chae. He aims to conquer the world’s music scene, but to become truly famous, he needs a robotic arm. However, something goes wrong and, instead of the desired prosthesis, the guy gets a player in his chest. Because of this, selective music now flows through his veins, and a continuous musical began to unfold around him.

Because of this incident, Chai was included in the list of defectives, and, according to the corporation that dominates the world of the future, such people must be destroyed. And, like loyal soldiers, the robots began to hunt. Although the plot is a little banal, it is really served from a progressive side, with selective humor and interesting animation. Charismatic main characters, in the form of a robo-boy and his girlfriend — cats, only add dynamics to the plot. In addition, the fourth wall often breaks in the game, and jokes slip in the direction of the user. And, most importantly, it has a huge number of cut-scenes and cartoons, just for the sake of which it is worth going through Hi-Fi Rush.

Gameplay and musical component

Gameplay and musical component

An important, perhaps even the most important aspect of the game — ethe music that accompanies users throughout the story. Basically, they play not solid compositions, but beats and soundtracks that are not particularly impressive, but provide the necessary beat to fight opponents and watch cut scenes.

As for the gameplay, it is a little banal, the character moves along the corridors, periodically meeting opponents and obstacles that can be overcome with a jump. But, there is an important clarification — all actions must be performed to the rhythm of the music. At the same time, the game does not get bored, all levels are linear and perfectly assembled, each of them has its own secrets, which can be difficult to unravel. Also, as you progress, the player masters specific skills, for example, the ability to reflect blows. The game even has its own currency, for the collected spare parts the character receives new combos, hits, items or improvements to his appearance.

Summing up, we can say that this game is a challenge, with cute characters, addictive gameplay, nice picture and affordable price. The total passage time, on average, will be 12 hours, but if you explore each location in detail, it will take at least 24 hours.

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