What awaits gamers in the fourth part of Diablo?


The famous Diablo series from the developers of Blizzard has long won the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world. Such a team of professionals simply does not know how to make bad projects. All of their work over the past decades has received a lot of positive feedback from both players and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Even the third part of this line, which turned out to be flawed, was able to get into the number of brilliant developments. Therefore, when the announcement of Diablo IV appeared, no one doubted that the game would become a new object for discussion and imitation. What is known about her? We will tell you the most important points that are already available to the masses, including the facts taken after the beta test.

Release date

Diablo IV

The first official mention was presented at BlizzCon. The company pleased the audience with two videos that were very different from the previous part. Darkness, violence, tension and attraction — that’s how you can describe the impressions of what you see. The release was more reminiscent of the second part of the series, where the world is mired in darkness, blood and murder.

Of course, many have already guessed that Diablo IV is difficult to attribute to the usual fantasy projects. If in the first release it still remotely resembled this genre, now it has become a real action RPG development. The company perfectly conveys the inferno of Hell in all its subtleties and suffering.

When will players be able to feel this flame for themselves? The release is scheduled for June 6, 2023, that is, there is very little time left to wait. The project will run simultaneously on both consoles and PC. The most ardent can be granted early access. You can get it four days before the start date, that is, June 2.

Blizzard also provided for beta testing, it was held from May 12 to 14. Those who managed to participate in it were left in a pleasant shock. Of course, users noted shortcomings in some moments, but for this, they make such an event. Otherwise, the players received good emotions.

What is known about Diablo IV?

Developers have never differed in releases. They were boring in the entire series of games, even incomprehensible. Nothing new happened this time. The cut was presented from moments where it is difficult to make out and make at least some assumptions about future heroes, the map and the plot as a whole.

However, some facts are still known. We will talk about them. The first is the atmosphere of Hell. The graphics, musical effects were corrected, errors of previous releases were taken into account.

Diablo IV has become even darker and more terrible. Now it represents a huge universe, and not separate maps in different parts of the world. Of course, such a world is full of monsters, ill-wishers and other creatures ardent to kill.

Diablo IV

What players especially note after the beta test is the presence of a story that affects the continuation of the plot. Random events can change the sequence of future battles. The player is attacked by random caravans, hunters, gangs of villains. The mechanics of the project has been improved to modern requirements with active battles, bosses, bright cut-scenes. Thus, the developers have devoted time not only to battles, but also to the behavior and history of the characters, which are better revealed during the passage.

Much attention has been paid to effects. The fourth part pleases with its design. One has only to look at the heroes and bosses. For example, the most colorful villain Lilith is striking in her elaboration. The rest of the participants in the events are also not deprived. Barbarian, druid, rogue and necromancer have their own characteristics, among which any player will find something native and attractive.

Combat in Diablo IV has become even rougher and more furious. The hero’s abilities are divided into groups, in which only one item can be active. Passives were renamed into talents and brought into a separate category of the menu.

The map at first glance seems empty, but this is an erroneous opinion. It is like an open world. Every part of the world has become wider and more interesting. It can now change not only horizontally, but also in depth. For example, a gorge or a mountain will appear in front of the player, where they will need to climb.

As mentioned, the fourth iteration of the franchise is boldly the craziest part. Violence, fanatics, maniacs — a small part that the hero will meet along the way. The developers have added customization. Gamers will have access not only to accessories and clothing, but also the ability to choose gender, hair color and other elements.

The inventory remained almost unchanged. He only became clearer outwardly. One cell is allocated for each object.

Minimum game requirements

Diablo IV

The developers will release the game on PC and familiar platforms (PS4, Xbox S and Xbox One). It is already clear that a powerful video card is needed to fully immerse yourself in the world of darkness. After all, graphics play one of the first roles in it. Not any old version will be able to pull all the effects conceived Blizzard. Experts recommend Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280 as the best options. Most importantly, 45 GB of free disk space is required to run the project.

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