Ways to make money fast in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to make money quickly? It is impossible to find needed sum especially at the beginning of the game, then use the following tips that will help you to quickly find the money for the right things:

Do not disdain to collect all the items, especially weapons from defeated enemies. You can also collect herbs — lots of them, but it will require a lot of time.

Saddlebags can carry more items, so the sooner you will have it, the better, because it allows to make fewer trips, carrying the same load, and thus save time.

Sell ​​ only those types of items that seller does. For example, armor or weapons — to gunsmith, otherwise you risk getting less money. This is not quite true. Near Novigrad there is an alchemist who gladly buys armor and weapons at a price that is higher than that armorsmith or blacksmith. Also he has very cheap ingredients, especially all sorts of dust, almost 7 times than that of other traders. Do not buy things that the trader is not engaged with.

Sellers have not infinite number of money, but you can replenish their stock, meditate couple of days and buy something from them.

Rarer alchemical ingredients are more expensive, but be careful — it may be better to reserve and use when creating your reservation.

When taking the order to kill the monster — bargain. It is better to have the slider in the middle. So you will know about how much more you can earn. After killing the monster do not forget to pick up his head. However, if you like the bonuses offered by the head of the slain monsters placed on a horse in the inventory, you can sell it later.

The game has a conversion between the three types of available in-game currency. To exchange it you should visit the Vivaldi bank in Novigrad.

You can also get a loan in the amount of CZK 100 in Novigrad, in the same bank Vivaldi. You need to repay the loan on time, but if you are late, then no one will attack you with the requirement to return the money.

Are you reckless? Then for you the developers have added a card game called Gvint. Having learned to play it, you can make quite an impressive amount of money.

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