Why is it possible to buy Premium ammunition for credits in World of Warplanes?

World of Tanks has been designed as a free-to-play game. With „Gold ammunition“ however, there was a discrepancy between the concept and reality, where some players could buy a more potent type of ammunition while some could not or just did not want to (spend real money).

We decided to rectify this awkward double standard situation by allowing players to buy Premium ammunition (for example APCR or HEAT) for in-game credits instead of exclusively for gold (real money). This, along with the possibility of purchasing Premium consumables for credits, changed World of Tanks into a free-to-win game.

This, however, does not mean that all players are now able to buy “skill” and start penetrating their targets without having to aim.

HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) ammunition can still bounce off of heavily sloped armor as it is not subject to normalization, while APCR (armor piercing composite rigid) loses much more penetration over the same distance as standard AP (armor piercing). For more information on the characteristics of the different types of ammunition, head over to our Wiki.

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