How to bring it back sold non-premium tank in World of Tanks

I sold my non-premium tank by mistake in World of Tanks, will you bring it back? In short – no. Once the tank is sold, you will have to buy it again with the in-game credits.

In order to make the tanks in your garage as safe as reasonably possible, our developers have implemented safety mechanisms into the game so that a tank cannot be sold by accident. As you can see from the pictures below, the sell button is greyed out until you confirm the transaction by typing in the selling price in the message box. Only then will the button be enabled for you to click it and sell the tank.


Keep in mind that complex equipment will be demounted and sent to the Depot by default only if you have the right amount of Gold. If you do not have enough Gold to demount the equipment, the system will automatically sell the equipment together with the tank, which will be added to the selling price.

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