World of Tanks: I paid for repairs even though my tank wasn´t damaged, why?

I paid for repairs in World of Tanks even though my tank wasn´t damaged, why? Do not worry, this is not a bug, but the explanation isn´t too complicated either. These are the following reasons for you having to pay for repairs even though your tank wasn´t damaged:

  • Removed speed governor makes the tank go faster, but damages the engine
  • Modules slightly damaged, but not enough to impede the function of the module (and mark them in yellow or red)

Keep in mind that modules (such as the engine, but even the tracks and your gun) have their own HP pool, so if they are damaged just slightly, their function is not impeded nor are they marked as damaged in the game interface. Therefore it might be confusing to find out that you are supposed to pay repairs for something that is not even visible. This is, however, completely normal.

We hope this clears things up! 

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