World of Tanks best replays of the week — how to submit your replay

Welcome to the best replays of the week. You want to participate and you don’t know how? It’s easier than you think, and you will find it explained in this article.

First let’s answer the basic questions, like do I get something for participation? The answer is yes. Prizes range from 1000 to 5000 gold, and you will get rewarded depending on the merits of your actions.  Remember that in order to win something your replay needs to be EPIC!

How to submit your replay

It’s important to remember that at the moment this is only available for EU accounts. If you don’t possess an EU account we invite you to create one here.

  1. The first step is go to the WoT Replays website, and log in with your account.

  2. On the left hand corner you will see a button that says “Upload replay”; click on it.

  3. Now you have three different fields, let’s explain them in detail.

  • “Choose file”: When you click here a new window will pop up, just find the replay you want to upload and then click on “Open”.
  • “Title”: Pretty straight forward, just name the replay (i.e. TigerRam, PershingRevenge…)
  • Description: This is the most important part. Please refer to the key elements you want to show and add your realin game name.
  1. After this click on the “Upload” button. You will find it in the right upper corner.

  2. Then just select a Category and press send!

Bear in mind we need really AWESOME replays, so even players who already played thousands of battles will say: “WHOA! That’s amazing!” We also take into account if the game was almost lost and then your action turned the tide of the battle.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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