How to bring back sold crew in World of Tanks

I sold my crew by mistake, will you bring them back? In short – no. Once the crew is dismissed, it can never be restored. We cannot restore crew members, however our developers have implemented a safety mechanism into the game so that the crew cannot be dismissed by accident. As you can see from the pictures below, by clicking a dismiss button, you will open a new window that asks for additional input in order to make sure you do not dismiss the crew when you just wanted to send them to barracks.


So go ahead, click the dismiss button… In the Crew dismissal window, you will have to write down the level of the latest skill on your crewmen. Only after you have written down the number will the dismiss button be enabled. After clicking the button the crewmember will be dismissed forever.


Another case where dismissing crew is an option is when you are selling a tank in which the crew is currently active. But as you can see from the picture below, the default setting is “Send to Barracks”, so even in this case your crew is safe. Also, keep in mind that ****if your barracks are full you will not be able to sell the tank. 


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  1. WHYYYYY 16.04.2016 in 05:35

    I sold my tank with a bad crew in it, but somehow my good crew replaced it when it was sold



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