Can’t receive gold for completing the tutorial in World of Tanks

Why didn’t I receive gold for completing the tutorial in World of Tanks? A training mission is crucial for anyone who wants to begin a career as a tank commander, as it allows you to learn the basics of the game mechanics in a nice and engaging fashion. That’s why, after accessing World of Tanks for the first time, a popup window with the battle training will appear:


As you can see in the window, completing the tutorial mission will award a player with 6000 credits and 300 free experience (gold star). There is no information about receiving gold, which is why you didn’t get any gold for finishing the tutorial in World of Tanks.

This reward is granted only once, which means that repeating this training mission won’t give you any additional credits or experience. If you want to access this mission again, click the red “Battle Tutorial” book in top-left side of the screen.

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