How do I become a good scout in World of Tanks?

Scouting is a widely unknown, misplayed and unconsidered strategic gameplay in World of Tanks. However, this tactic is very important to help your team achieve victory. A skilled scout combined with a skilled SPG is a very good benefit to have during a battle. Successful scouts can gain lots of experience and credits without even shooting a single shell.

Below you can find many easy tips on how to scout during a battle.

But first, what is a scout tank, and how to make it ready to fight?



A scout tank is a light, fast and agile tank, generally of small size with a good camouflage factor and wide range radio. In order to make it more effective on the battlefield, we advise you to research and install the best radio available for your tank, as well as the best engine. 

Set your crew with “camouflage” skills and install a “camouflage net” on your tank.

Scout tanks have a specific weight in the matchmaking system and will most likely be assigned with higher tier tanks. The higher the tier you help to damage, the more experience and credits you get.

How to scout efficiently ?

There are two different ways to scout efficiently: hiding or moving around.

  • Take advantage of the terrains, bushes and buildings to remain undetected from enemies. You will be able to spot an enemy vehicle without being detected while hiding behind a bush. The whole tank doesn’t have to be hidden, but enough to be out of sight from the enemy team.

Note: tanks are automatically spotted if within 50 meters of another tank.

More information about the spotting mechanics in this article.

  • Rushing is effective for spotting the enemy team although the risk of being destroyed is increased. If you decide to do this then always move, don’t stop to shoot, and try to target the enemy artillery.

The main role of a light tank is to be the eyes of the team. However you shouldn’t forget your other duties when driving a light tank such destroying enemy light tanks and hunting down enemy artillery.

Tips: what to do

  • Always coordinate your moves with your team, especially with your artillery.
  • Giving the “Sixth sense” perk to your commandant might come in handy to know whether you’ve been spotted or not.
  • Don’t shoot if it’s not necessary, shooting or moving will decrease or withdraw your camouflage values.

Tips: what not to do

  • Don’t hide behind the front line of your team. Your place is beyond the front line in order to spot enemies for your team.
  • Don’t rush to the enemy base when the battle starts. You will most likely be destroyed within 30 secondes, without giving the chance to your team to be ready to aim at the enemies you may have spotted.

Scouting can be ungrateful and frustrating at times, but a good scout is well appreciated and can get well deserved rewards! 

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