I haven’t received the reward for a mission I completed in World of Warplanes

Missions are an important part of World of Warplanes and you can get some really nice rewards ranging from a few thousand credits for easy missions up to high tier premium tank for really tough ones!

Sometimes, these missions are quite complex and are divided into various parts. Other missions can only be completed while playing as part of a platoon or in team battles. This is why, when not receiving what you think is rightfully yours, you should try to read the conditions anew and double check the information by looking both in the game client and on our website, where missions are published and described as well.

If you’re absolutely certain you were supposed to receive your prize, please contact us through our Customer Support portal where we will be happy to assist you.

In order to be able to help you, please attach screenshots and replays you might have that show you met the conditions and still did not get the reward.

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