What bonuses have World of Warplanes alpha/beta participants received?

Firstly, all the players‘ accounts were wiped with the official release of the game, so everybody has the same starting position. But what has remained and what were the rewards for the active players?

Long live the Unified account!

Since the introduction of the Unified account, participants of WoWp Open Beta were able to earn tokens. Those could be then used for buying premium time, which was valid not only for WoWp, but also for WoT! This premium time has remained active after the release! This way, it was possible to easily earn 8 months of premium or even more for those who participated in our contests announced on the websites or the forums.

You can’t take away experience!

You’re right; experience is something that one just can’t take from a human being! We are respecting this old truth in the game as well and the pilots have kept the experience gathered while participating in the test. All this experience was divided fair and square between five pilots that were initially in the hangar after the release.

Show your skills!

It will be tough to do though, since all the achievements were wiped. Wait… were they? Not all of them! There was one exception, which is the insignia on the planes showing, how many enemy planes and how many ground targets you have destroyed! This way, everybody can see what you have achieved and fear you while they desperately trying to fight you!

Veterans shall not be forgotten!

Showing your skills is an awesome way to earn respect of your brothers in arms and to put fear in minds of your enemies. However who are new recruits always looking up to? Yes, veterans of old wars! All the players who managed to play more than 100 battles in the testing stages received veteran medals and emblems, so everybody would recognize them.

Up in the sky!

While 100 battles secured medals and emblems for veterans, more than 700 battles allowed the pilots to take some planes home with them! Depending on in which stage they have joined the war, they got these machines:

  • Alpha Tester: Me. 210  — (German heavy fighter; Tier 5)
  • Closed Beta Tester: XP-77  — (American fighter; Tier 5)
  • Open Beta Tester: Pegasus  — (Soviet attack aircraft; Tier 2)

So if someone has played since Alpha, all three planes were parked in his hangar on November 13th 2013!

Apart from those, all accounts active before August 2nd were gifted with tier 3 Soviet fighter I-15bis DM-2 for WGs’ 15th anniversary. If you have had participated in «Air Superiority Week», you could also have had gotten an American fighter Curtiss F11C. The last plane that could have been obtained only thanks to active participation in testing stages was tier 3 American fighter F2A-1 Buffalo. That one could have been only bought in the in-game store since the 0.5.3 update until the game was released.

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