I have bought premium shop package for World of Warplanes, but I received only a part of it. How to solve this?

When you receive just part of the package, for example only gold and premium time, but you don’t get the credits which were advertised in the package, it is because you have chosen package for different game.

Premium time, gold and free experience are all shared between all the „World of“ games, however credits are not. That is why you received everything but the credits, even though you have bought package for the wrong game.

The solution to this is easy! All you gotta do is to write us a ticket and we will transfer the credits from one game to another. This however is one time exception only, therefore please mention in the ticket that you know about that and you agree with it. This way, we will be able to transfer the credits right away without asking you for the confirmation first.

We advice you to be careful when choosing a premium shop package and check what game it is for. Every package where it matters is marked with logo of the game it belongs to:


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