My account in World of Warplanes got banned, should I send an appeal?

Please keep in mind that our in-game report system deals with the majority of rule violations in World of Warplanes, and there is therefore no need for you to send us an appeal as your case has already been dealt with. As such, there is no abolition and no ruling of the report system will be overridden. This applies to the following types of account restrictions:

  • Insults and provocation
  • Spam
  • Gold selling / Fraud
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Unfair play
  • Revealing (opening of) allied positions
  • Pushing out an ally
  • Damage caused to allies

The above mentioned types of account bans will not be investigated nor overridden by the customer support as the system in place is working as intended and provides a fair virtual environment for everyone.

Team killing_ is being judged and ruled by an automated system and most cases of team killing penalty appeals will not be investigated by our customer support._

The only cases where the player is required to send a penalty appeal to the customer support are the following:

  • Inappropriate nickname or clan name / tag
  • Violation of rule 4.04 — passive participation in battles/botting
  • Violation of the Chapter 4 “Inappropriate conduct in game” par. 06

If your nickname was deemed offensive or inappropriate, please open a ticket through the customer service support site and provide a new and friendly name that will be used to update your profile for free. Same procedure should be followed for bad clan name or clan tag cases.

Apart from obliging the rules, the new name also has to be free, that means not used by any other existing player or clan. It also can contain only allowed characters (letters, underscore and numbers).

If your account was permanently blocked for being inactive on the battlefield for prolonged periods of time and/or for using automated “botting” programs to gain an unfair advantage over other players, follow the instructions in this article.

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