How to deleting the Cache/Preferences in World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes uses folders in “Application data” to store the game settings and cache for every Windows user separately. That means that every user with an account on your computer can have their own personal game client settings.

You can however encounter a situation, which requires access to our folder in the Application data, in order to fix some temporary issues. These can be incorrect game settings, issues related to Inscriptions and Paintjobs not showing on your Plane or problems with input devices other than the standard mouse and keyboard.

Deleting these files can resolve some issues, but if it does not help you, our Customer Support Team is always available to assist you further!

  • To delete your in-game Cache please use this tool:

    • wowp_cache – this file will automatically delete the cache for the user when executed
  • To delete the in-Game Preferences only please use this Tool:

    • wowp_pref – this file will automatically delete your preferences.xml
  • To delete your Key Bindings, Controller Options, in-game preferences and graphical settings (all related .xml files) please use this tool:

    • wowp_controls – this file will automatically delete all preferences and .xml files, including control files

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