How and where to download and install cache files on Android?


How and where to download and install cache files? It is really useful information for those who wants to improve wealth in the Internet. So check out!

cache files on Android

First, here is a list of supported services and the starting amount of space for free. They can be safely used for caches storing:

  • — 2 GB
  • — 10 GB

Due to some technical reasons, Google Drive, and MEGA are not currently supported right now. All other file exchangers and storages or not so popular in our area, or overwhelmed by advertising and viral content, and so we decided to abandon their support.

At the moment, the only adequate tool to download apk and caches is APK Downloader for Chrome, so it will act as an example for our instruction.

So, how to pack caches properly:

  1. Open the page with the application, for example:
  2. Start the apk download.
  3. We see that actually we download 2 files, APK and OBB. OBB is the cache.
  4. From the link to the application we need to allocate only identifier that is found after id =, in this case, reference will look like — com.rovio.angrybirdsgo
  5. Create a folder with the name derived from the identifier, i.e. com.rovio.angrybirdsgo
  6. Put the downloaded OBB file in the folder you just created earlier.
  7. Folder with files, in our case — com.rovio.angrybirdsgo, must be compressed in a zip-file using standard Windows or other archiver.
  8. The resulting archive must be downloaded to the online storages listed above.
  9. After downloading make a public link.
  10. During apk-file update, add the resulting link.

After downloading, the service itself recognizes the link, detemines the size and checks the availability of the file.

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