I just researched the next plane and the previous one didn’t become elite in World of Warplanes

A plane becomes elite in World of Warplanes when specific requirements are met:

  • All upgrades (modules) of the plane are researched (unlocked)
  • All following planes that can be researched from the plane are unlocked as well

This works exactly the same way as in World of Tanks. A comprehensive article about elite tanks in WoT can be found _here._

A very common mistake is to take for granted the fact that a plane will always become elite after researching the next plane in the tree. Even though this is often true, it is crucial to remember the other modules as well, as those may not have been upgraded yet.

That’s why, whenever an issue about an aircraft not being elite appears, please double check if every possible module and plane has been researched from it. In the screenshot below you can see that in the case of this LaGG-3, the M‑106PV engine is still not researched and this is the reason why this fighter is not elite yet:


Important: If every possible module and plane was researched and your vehicle is still not elite please contact us via ticket system and provide a screenshot of the plane upgrade screen (as shown in the example above). If it’s new to us, we will forward it to the developers.

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