How to Run New Game+ Mode in new DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We have repeatedly reported about DLC New Game+ for The Witcher 3, which studio prepared for release in the last few months. Just a few days ago, finally we’ve got the long-awaited release with the opportunity to use the new game mode. Through New Game +, you can start a new game, saving a large amount of accumulated experience and stuff, but all of your enemies will become much stronger. However, it the new regime is launched not entirely obvious that led to the mass of users has caused issues. Below is a short instruction on where to look and how to activate the New Game +.

  • Load the most recent saving made after the passing game story.
  • Make another new saving.

Go back to the main menu, select New Game +, configure the training parameters, difficulty of the game and select that same saving that you just created. Older savings will not work and will not run in the new mode.

Here is a list of gained stuff that you will see in your new mode, and stuff that cannot be transferred.

You can transfer:

  • Weapons, armor and stuff of Witcher
  • All that is stored in the trunk
  • Alchemy items
  • Ingredients used for alchemy
  • All available schemes and recipes
  • Cash

You can’t transfer:

  • Used items
  • Books
  • Letters
  • Trophies
  • Items related to quests
  • Gvint maps

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