Tom Cancy’s The Division guide: Fast leveling in the game

You have already planned the race in Tom Cancy’s The Division Beta this weekend and want to see all that it has to offer? Then you might find this mini-guide dedicated to the rapid leveling to the maximum level available in Beta.

How to gain levels in The Division?

Since The Division basically represents RPG, the whole activity should bring a certain amount of experience. You also can get experience by giving kits to NPCs, capturing data locations, opening up new areas on the map and killing enemies in missions and beyond.

Performing the story missions — the standard way to gain levels. You’ll earn XP with tasks progress and in the end you can get bonus for data found or opened chests. In addition, you can change the difficulty of the mission, which affects the reward (Y on the Xbox One, triangle on the PS4).

You can repeat the mission several times with the help of grinding.

In the beta there will be additional security missions, but when the game comes out fully, it will be a good way to get bonus XP — + 10% of the total activity.

As for the rank in dark areas, you can get them only there. It is best to go there when your base level is already quite high, allowing you to go into the second and third zones quickly.

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