The Division guide: How to earn game currency?

The Division has two major currencies. Dark Zone Credits are earned and used in and around the dark zone which we have already told you. But for the bulk of the game you will need a standard currency, but judging by the experience of two beta tests, we can conclude that the main currency is not so regarded, for all ammunition sold for ordinary currency at times inferior to the things of the Dark Zone. But in any case, you may want to completely pass the story before you would go into the Dark Zone, so let’s start:

Do side missions

If you did not know, the map will offer you a lot of activities that are not related to the storyline. These activities will reward you experience things and money, which in turn will better equip you for basic tasks, so why do not you do it?

For best results, regularly check the map, and a bulletin board in the hubs for more information about new events and activities. You’ll quickly learn what types of activities you enjoy and find the most profitable.

Kill the robots, collect loot

Kill all the robots that will meet on your way, try to fill your backpack full. Do not go leaving debris (Items less rare) on the street, you could turn it into dollars! Each bit is set. But still think about that should have been preserved, which would come in handy for future reference. You do not need half a dozen identical rifles with slightly different statistics.

Do not waste money unnecessarily

For example, if you notice from the merchant of your equipment a little better, then there is no need to spend money on it. Remember you will always find the best outfit on your way. However, make sure the need of a gear. Think how much money you earn during missions and activities, the possibility of buying not so op hit your budget and should consider whether it will pay for its cost, do not buy things that you will only use for a few levels.

Run across the Dark Zone

The dark zone is the place where you can find the best equipment in the game. But it is not so easy to pull out things, Dark Zone has a separate inventory capacity of 6 subjects (which will eventually be expanded at the expense of skills), and before this inventory stuff will fall into your hands it is necessary to be disinfected, the process goes something like this: after you fill out the jam-inventory (but beware the Dark zone is primarily a PVP area, where the danger is waiting for you around every corner), you need to find on the map the so-called «collection zones» where it is necessary to call a helicopter that will take your belongings and carry them in your personal mailbox on the base.

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