How to fix errors, bugs, lags, problems with white screen, MIKE ERROR, low FPS in Tom Clancy Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division was released on the PC with the access to beta recently, but we have already find the thousands of players messages with numerous errors, lags, bugs and other problems. Here you can find all the possible solutions for the most common problems in Tom Clancy The Division.

# 1 The Division crashes during laucnh

Update Windows and reboot the computer.

# 2 White screen during The Division start-up

Before starting the game from Steam, open steamapps / common / the division

Right-click on the executable file, and then click the Compatibility

Set Windows 7 Compatibility

Save and run the game from Steam.

# 3 Problems with the GPU while playing The Division

Update your drivers!

# 4 Solution for MIKE error 20240078

This error is associated with problems in the network. First try to reboot the WiFi router, and try to turn the game again. If this will not help, you have to install WTFast. Always make sure that you are out of your WTFast account after entering the game, because otherwise the bugs will be observed in the Dark Zone.

# 5 Tom Clancy The Division stopped working

Solution for this problem is described in Section 1.

# 6 Problems with management

First, make sure you have updated drivers for peripheral devices. Then, try to disconnect and reconnect all devices connected to the computer.

# 7 Multiplayer freezes

Turn off the software or applications running in the background, including antivirus software.

# 8 Mouse Problems — bugs with left and right mouse buttons

Press Enter + Alt — this should fix any problems with your mouse.

# 9 Lags in Dark Zone

If you set WTFast solution for MIKE ERROR, make sure you log off from your account, before going to a dark area.

# 10 Delta 20,000,933

UPDATE: This issue will be corrected in future patches for beta, according to the developers

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2 комментария
  1. phil 02.02.2016 in 01:34

    Is the MIKE error on their end? No one should have to use an proxy to enter the game. isnt that what the UPLAY / Steam clients are for? 

  2. Erik 03.04.2016 in 13:36

    Yeah it almost makes the gameplay suck. Lags and errors are relly annoying youd think the game utself sucks!!


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