How to fix errors, lags, problems with shadows, FPS drops, controls and resolution in The Witness

We present our list of solutions for errors, bugs, lags, problems with shadows, FPS drops, controls and resolution in The Witness.

Problems with shadows

Look for updates from the developers of Steam, as they recently released an update to the game that corrects the problem with the shadows.

«witness64_d3d11.exe stopped working»

-Delete prefix «-window» and run normally.

-During the launch there will be a small command line where you have to remove the check mark from the «Full screen», wait for the download of the game and press Alt-Enter.

«witness64_d3d11.exe stopped working» again

Try to run the game as an administrator.

Problems with sound

— Right-click on the volume icon in the system tray.

— Choose «Playback devices».

— Click on the «Speakers» in the Playback tab.

Press «Setup» button in the lower left corner.

-Choose «Stereo» and save.

Controller configuration is not visible on Steam

You must switch on «Steam Overlay» settings in Steam.

Software Incompatibility

Try running the game software, which is fully supported by a team of developers, if they recommend the use of Windows 7, run the game in compatibility mode with the mentioned software.

Problems with a widescreen in the

Alternative 1: use the running options. -width xxxx -height yyyy

For example: for a resolution of 2560 × 1440, use the -width 2560 -height 1440

Option 2: use config file; open the game files and find WitnessdataLocal.variables

Add these lines: (Change 1920 and 1080 to the settings you need).


render_width 1920

render_height 1080

FOV problems solutions

-Open Local.variables at the location of the configuration file.

-In Line with: / misc fov_vertical # add a line to the desired value.

Bugs in The Witness related to the environment and settings for people with color blindness

Wait for updates from the development team, as unfortunately, there are no options for people with visual impairments, but the developers have promised to release a corresponding addition in the update soon.

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