How to fix crashes, errors, low FPS issues, sound problems and more in No Man’s Sky?

Do not panic! If so your space ship has crashed on an unknown planet among an unknown galaxy, problems with No Man’s Sky errors are certainly not so bad. Let’s deal together.

# 1 No Man’s Sky crashes — Visual Rdist C ++ 2010 Error

Download the first patch for the game that is already out. If the problem persists, remove Visual Rdist C ++ 2010 from your system and install it again from the folder with the game or from the official Microsoft website.

# 2 How to fix low FPS in No Man’s Sky

Make sure that your hardware complies with the requirements. Update the driver. Make sure your graphics support OpenGL 4.5 or the game will not work.

If you are using SLI — disable one of the cards.

Turn off vsync in the game. Also disconnect FXAA.

# 3 How to improve FPS in No Man’s Sky up to 60 fps

Open TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS file in No Man’s Sky / Binaries / Settings.

At the prompt, change true to false.

# 4 No Man’s Sky crashes — white screen

Upgrade your graphics driver from the official site and make sure that your card supports OpenGL 4.5. If it does not, then wait for the report from the developers on how to solve it.

# 5 No Man’s Sky — Steam is not running, or a problem with the license

Run the game in windowed mode with no frame. Go to steamapps \ common \ No Man’s Sky \ Binaries \ SETTINGS \ TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML and open configuration file. Set the full screen on «false» and borderless window on «true». Save.

Problem still exists? Remove Visual Rdist C ++ 2010 from your system and install it again from the folder with the game or from the official Microsoft website.

# 6 Message about hitting «E» button in No Man’s Sky

Press and hold «E» button for a while. The game should continue.

# 7 Problems with OpenGL in No Man’s Sky

Update to the latest version of OpenGL. Your card needs to support OpenGL 4.5.

# 8 No Man’s Sky crashes during launch

Go to steamappsfolder / common / no_mans_sky, delete the game folder

Restart Steam and test files — even if they are downloaded

Start the game

# 9 No Man’s Sky crashes — .DLL file missing

Open the folder with the game and run any files from internal redist folder.

Update DirectX, because the missing file could be there.

# 10 No Man’s Sky crashes on laptop

Switch on graphic card, rather than a built-in GPU. Make sure that the laptop does not work in the Power Saving Mode. Make sure that the laptop is connected to the mains during a game.

# 11 Problems with sound in No Man’s Sky

Open your system sound settings and change it to something below frequency 192000hz. Restart the game.

# 12 No Man’s Sky crashes — Windows Error 0xc00000xx

Perhaps the problem is that the processor does not support SSE4.1. You need a patch, because developers have not considered the possibility of launching the game on such processors.

  1. Download Intel emulator here:
  2. Unpack it in the game folder (eg C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ No Man’s Sky \ Binaries);
  3. Create a shortcut sde.exe;
  4. Add there — NMS.exe;
  5. Run this shortcut as administrator;
  6. Wait about a minute;
  7. For those who have a license error create a text file whose name ends steam_appid.txt, and write there 275850.

# 13 Disable Shared Cache in Control Panel in No Man’s Sky

Try disabling shader cache option in control panel in case if you are Nvidia or AMD user.

If you have some other problems, please write them in comments as we will try to solve them as soon as possible. Also we have here not the full list of problems with No Man’s Sky so be sure to bookmark this page and return later as it will be updated with every new error solution.

No Man’s Sky crashes in windowed mode

If No Man’s Sky crashes during the game in windowed mode, open the file steamapps \ common \ No Man’s Sky \ Binaries \ SETTINGS \ TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML and put down option borderless window is true, and full screen — is false. Then restart the game.

Where to find savegames in No Man’s Sky?

Saves for the game No Man’s Sky are located in the folder — C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ HelloGames \ NMS

How to set FOV in No Man’s Sky?

If you do not like too «close» FOV in the vehicle or on the player’s face in the same way as above, open another file — TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML, find these lines — name = »FoVOnFoot» value = »90.000000» /> and tweak value.

How to fix flickering in No Man’s Sky?

Switch off steam overlay and flickering go away. 

No Man’s Sky: game doesn’t launch — solution

In this article we present short solution for everyone who cannot launch No Man’s Sky. Usually the problem arises due to error Error 0xc000012f with the following message: MSVCR120.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. So, how to fix this issue?

  1. Navigate here: C:\windows\system32
  2. Delete MSVCP120.dll and MSVCR120.dll

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