How to fix Errors, Low FPS issues, crashes, low FPS issues and lags in Stellaris game?

In case if you are ready to experience new4X grand strategy video game to simulate the military? Then you need to play in new Grand strategy video game called Stellaris that is connected with space exploration, warfare and managing diplomacy with different space civilizations. In this article we present the list of workaround that is connected with Errors, Low FPS issues, crashes, low FPS issues and lags in Stellaris PC.

Stellaris PC doesn’t start — solution

Disable any mods made by other users

Verify the game cache in Steam

Delete the folder on the following path: …\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris on your PC (be sure to backup all save files that may lie there in the folder).

How to fix random crashes in Stellaris PC?

Crashing issues generally occur in case of arising conflict between software drivers and game files. So it is the best to avoid crashing problems lies in drivers updating very often. Actually, there may be problems to find the proper driver so it will be easier to make clean install.

How to fix Lags/ Stuttering issues in Stellaris PC?

  1. Navigate to Nvidia control panel. Press “Manage 3D settings” and then turn on “power management mode” in order to “prefer maximum performance”
  2. Open Task manager and set high priority to Stellaris PC.
  3. If you are good with lower settings, be sure to lower in-game settings. You can use swiftshader in case you are have low end rig. It can disable some game textures which makes Stellaris PC look garbage.

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