How to fix errors, crashes, tweaks, flickering issues in Total War: WARHAMMER on PC?

Total War: Warhammer was recently released on PC as the first game of three-part series. This time unlike other franchise games Warhammer introduces another setting in Warhammer universe. You will meet monsters, heroes, warriors and other creatures that can be controlled by the player. With the game release many fans of the game started to complain about numerous problems connected with crashes, tweaks, flickering issues in Total War: WARHAMMER PC. In this article we present solution to the most common problems that arise in the game.

How to fix Crashes in Total war: WARHAMMER?

For now, we can determine so many reasins why crashes appear in Total war: WARHAMMER? The most common problem is the conflict of drivers. In this case we recommend to install the latest drivers to your system. You can do it on your own or use special software like Driver Scanner that willhelp you to solve crashes in the game.

How to fix Multiplayer Mode issues in Total war: WARHAMMER?

After the release of the game many players started to play in it so it is hyst huge overload of servers. The only possible solution is to wait for some time and try again later.

How to fix Freezing issues in Total War: Warhammer?

Try to use the following advices to fix this issue:

1) Update PC Drivers

2) Be sure Firewall doesn’t block Warhammer

3) Restart Steam app in Offline mode

How to fix Flickering stripes in Total War: Warhammer?

Disable v-sync to solve the problem.

How to fix Black Screen on startup in Total War: Warhammer?

Be sure to update all your drivers to the latest version. Then, exit Steam to restart Total War: Warhammer as administrator. Also there is one more solution to fix this problem – during the game launch, when black screen pops up, try minimize it and then maximize it again.

How to fix Dll Errors in Total war: Warhammer?

Our team presents the possible solution to this problem. First of all download special software that can upgrade and download missing DLL files. In our case we recommend to download Dll-Files fixer. After downloading launch the program and start system scan to fix registry errors.

Launch the game and write down the name of DLL file that is missing and then enter it in the search tab. The program automatically will install the file in required location that you could enjoy the game.

How to fix Lag/ Low FPS issues in Total War: Warhammer ?

Firstly, be sure that your PC meets the system requirements of Total War: Warhammer. In case if it does, use the following solutions.

  • In case of running the game on laptop, be sure to switch hardware to dedicated graphics card
  • Set high priority to the game in Task manager.
  • Folow the path: Nvidia control Panel > Manage 3D settings > where it is necessary to set power management mode for “prefer maximum performance”

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