How to fix Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Windows 10 issues, Black Screen, DLL file missing and more in Football Manager 2016

In this article our team presents solution for the most popular and well known errors and issues raised after the release of Football Manager 2016.

#1. Black Screen issues in Football Manager 2016 when playing

Verify game cache integrity in Steam

Then you need to check for the drivers

Launch Device Manager

Press ‘Sound, video and game controllers’

Right-Click on every audio item

Click ‘Disable’ for every item

Close device manager

Now launch the game

#2. Crashes on Windows 10 — Football Manager 2016

Look #1

#3. Missing DLL error fix in Football Manager 2016

Check all missing DLL files, download and install them in the game folder.

#4. Lags in Football Manager 2016 — fix

Shutdown anti-virus software while playing

#5. Sound problems in FM 2016

Update audio drivers

Unplug all currently connected USB peripherals

Launch the game

#6. FM 2016 Crashes — solution

Look #1.

Verify game cache integrity in Steam

Launch the game

#7. Freezes during match in Football Manager 2016

Update all drivers

Lower settings of your graphics

#8. Football Manager 2016 cannot be installed

Shutdown anti-virus software while playing.

Errors will be update as soon as new solutions will be found.

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