Solution for Helldivers Crashes, Freezes, Lags, Black screen, Sound bugs, low FPS

Magicka developers present Helldivers — another co-op masterpiece released on Steam. In our turn we present a list of solutions for crashes, errors and bugs with issues in Helldivers.


Helldivers crashes solution

If you after launching received a message “Helldivers.exe has stopped responding” we recommend you to launch it in 32-bit safe mode. If you still have crashes – try to update your drivers. For this you can use special driver update tool.

Nvidia freezing solution

If you have freezes on NVidia which requires laptop or PC reboot, try this:

  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel
  • Open Power Preferences
  • Find setting Adaptive and change it to Always Prefer Highest Power

No chance to select graphics card in Helldivers

Follow these steps to select your GPU:

  • Switch on graphics settings after game launch
  • Turn all setting to lowest values
  • Switch vsync off
  • Switch FXAA off
  • Close the game and open nvidia control panel where after selecting the game find tab nvidia card.

Hurtworld lag solution while playing

Try to shut down all background lags especially anti-virus software as the game doesn’t seem to be optimized as it should be.

DLL crashes solution

DLL crashes represent very common problem in Hurtworld. Use DLL fixer tool to fix this problem.

Black screen crash solution

In case of black screen appearance close the game and follow the path: “%USERPROFILE%AppDataRoamingArrowheadHelldivers” where you will need to delete the folder called “saves” and file called “user_settings”. Reboot the game and then it will run as you just installed it.

Resolution issues solution in Helldivers

Actually there is no solution for this problem but you can workaround it buy pressing combination Alt+Enter that will launch Helldivers in Window. Also you can try to switch on borderless full screen.

Sound bug solution

If the sound crashes out, make sure that your audio drivers were updated to latest version and restart game again.

Low FPS solution

Drop down recommended resolution levels to run game in smooth mode.

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