How to fix Crashes Black Screen Issues, Sound Problems and More in Final Fantasy IX?

Final Fantasy series first was released in 2000. Since that time developers release new game every year for iOS and Android. Finally they released also the new game to PC. As other new game Final Fantasy IX definitely has some errors. In this article we present solutions for the most popular and known crashes that arise in Final Fantasy IX.

1. No Sound problems in Final Fantasy IX

Updating sound drivers will fix the issue.

2. Fix for Grey or Black Bars on Screen

Method 1: Changing the resolution in should fix the problem.

Method 2: If method 1 does not work, switch the game to windowed mode

3. Final Fantasy IX Crashes on Start

Update your graphics drivers. That should solve all the crashes that arise during the game launch.

4. Black screen problem solution

Look the solution for Issue 3.

5. How to change language in Final fantasy IX

Open your Steam library

Open Language settings in the properties

Change here language settings

6. How to save games in Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX has implemented auto-save option.

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