How to fix crashes, errors, SLI issues, FOV, Low FPS problems in Homefront: The Revolution PC?

We present article that will help you to fix and solve major and minor problems of Homefront: The Revolution PC. Homefront: The Revolution has lots of technical issues such as crashes, errors, SLI issues, FOV, Low FPS problems and other issues.

How to change FOV in Homefront: The Revolution?

You can change FOV by editing configuration file named system.cfg. Please, add this line cl_fov=90 after the end and also add r_DrawNearFOV=75 optionally to adjust viewmodel or weapon first person.

How to enable SLI in Homefront: The Revolution?

Homefront: The Revolution doesn’t support support of SLI officially but still you can enable it with the help of this trick. Download NVidia Inspector, then copy SLI compatibility bits from “Ryse: Son of Rome” and paste it to Homefront: The Revolution.

Homefront: The Revolution Can’t Launch or Can’t Get past Intro Cut Scene

Check whether you installed all redistributables as DirectX, .NetFramework or Visual C++. Make sure you have no USB peripherals connected to PC such as gaming Controllers.

How to fix Low FPS or Poor Performance in Homefront: The Revolution?

In case of having low or poor FPS, it is necessary reduce the settings of your game graphic from Very High to High. This action will boost FPS and also make game smoother. Be sure to up-to-date hardware drivers for your system.

No sound in Homefront: The Revolution

  • Navigate to Windows Control panel
  • Open “Sound” tab
  • Configure and turn on 2.1 stereo in order to avoid the loss of sound.

Download issues in Homefront: The Revolution

Be sure to have 38 GB of free space on your disk before installing the game. Then, open task manager to check whether Disk usage is set to active or not. In case of active, be patient for the necessary time and the download will be completed soon. Else, disable your anti-virus and then try to download Homefront: The Revolution one more time.

How to fix Crashing issues in Homefront: The Revolution

Crashing issues usually occur in case of conflict between hardware drivers and game. So, in order to avoid the crashing problems to update drivers very often. Actually, sometimes it very difficult to find the necessary drivers so it will be easier to make clean install.

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