How to fix Low FPS in Homefront: The Revolution?

After the release of Homefront: The Revolution it became obvious that game has lots of FPS issues for gamers. In this article we are going to present all possible solutions that can solve problems with low FPS in Homefront: The Revolution.

Method 1

  1. Go to Homefront folder
  2. Find game’s executable.
  3. Replace the file with this:!EE8ADbzQ!nm_rPsxOZCRbtftdKKGIJMaCMDCmBGl4t5r4tTrUogM
  4. This executable will launch Homefront: The Revolution in High Priority automatically, adjusting all game settings to lowest possible.
  5. Play!

Method 2
Paste USEALLAVAILABLECORES to the launch options and turn on super sampling to 1x (off) that will give you 60 FPS.

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