How to fix FPS issues in Shattered Skies?

In this article we present all possible solutions to FPS issues that arise while playing in Shattered Skies. This game presents latest survival MMO from developers of War Z game and it is obvious that game still needs some optimization issues until all fixes will be implemented, but while developers are working to make game greater we present all possible solutions that can help to fix FPS issues.

Fixing FPS issues on Laptop

Be sure to check the status of your videocard. There are may be cases when system can deactivate your GPU to save power while using integrated graphics card to deal with simpler tasks. As a result FPS may drop to low values. That’s why you need to activate your GPU in performance settings.

For ATI videocards

Download ATI Catalyst Center.

Go to “Power.”

Press “Switchable Graphics.”

Find «ShatteredSkies.exe» on PC and choos “High Performance” for your main GPU.

Follow to “Recent Applications” and press “High Performance.”

For NVidia videocards

Right click Nvidia icon.

Follow to “Manage 3D” options.

Press “Program settings.”

Find «ShatteredSkies.exe» on PC.

Press “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program” and set it high priority.

Fixing FPS issues on PC

The only thing that can rise your FPS on PC is setting of right values in game options. So, here are the correct settings.

Follow to “Settings” -> “Video” and set the next options to the gameplay:

  • Fullscreen – Borderless Window Mode
  • VSync – Disabled
  • World Quality, Textures and Terrain — Medium
  • Sky and Trees – Low
  • Grass – Disabled
  • Water and Particles – Low
  • Shadow Quality and Postprocesss – Low
  • Ambient Occlusion, Antialiasing and Anisotropy – Disabled

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