Low frame rate in Just Cause 3 on PS4 and Xbox One

Just Cause is known for the destruction and chaos, but the massive open world that regularly burns with fire and scatters on thousands of pieces, has high performance requirements. And, unfortunately, despite the optimization carried out in Just Cause 3 before its release, Avalanche could not stabilize it until the end of the gameplay, which leads to a regular frame rate drops in scenes filled with a mass action.

According to Digital Foundry, although the Xbox One version and runs on 900p, everything is worst. PS4 provides 1080p, but also has its own set of problems.

«None of the versions of Just Cause 3 is not capable to maintain a stable 30 frames, while Xbox One marked the most significant problems in the smooth frequency» — experts note.

«We compared the cut scenes and gameplay, fixing most lower rate on Xbox One, where a massive explosion reduces the frequency of up to 20 fps, while the PS4 drops to 24 frames, but in completely different circumstances —  CPU power acts as a constraint.»

For the rest, DF wrote that the console versions look comparable to the PC-version at high graphics settings. As for performance on the PC, the average gamers can also wait for a problem with FPS.

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