How to fix Freezes and Crashes in Overwatch on Xbox One?

Overwatch has been already released around the world but with the tons of positive reviews the game also has too much different crashes and freezes. In this article we present you the opportunity to fix the problem with all the Freezes and Crashes in Overwatch on Xbox One according to the below presented method.

  1. Restart Overwatch
  2. Power-cycle Xbox One
  3. Test your network
  4. Re-add local profile
  5. Clear the local game save

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2 комментария
  1. Nick 21.10.2016 in 02:45

    This was the most useless webpage that I’ve ever visited. 

  2. Phuck 13.12.2016 in 05:53

    So how the fuck do I play my fucking game??! It won’t load and keeps crashing at the blizzard logo, I’ve deleted and re downloaded the game numerous times and I still have the same fucking problem.


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