How to fix Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Controller problems in Overwatch on PC?

Overwatch was released only today but has already become one of the coolest games in 2016. Its multiplayer is similar to many other first person shooters. This time you will get an opportunity to choose among different heroes with own abilities and roles in the team. With th release of the game many players started to complain on different problems that arise in the game. In this article we present solutions to Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Controller problems in Overwatch PC.

How to fix crashes on Startup in Overwatch PC?

Well, there are certainly many reasons for crashes in a game. However, most probably, it is because of the driver conflicts. To solve crashing issues, you need to do a clean install of the latest drivers.

Overwatch doesn’t start on clicking play — solution

  1. Shut down the antivirus software and run game again. In case if it runs then add the game to whitelist.
  2. Verify game cache integrity in Steam.

How to fix No compatible Graphics Hardware detected error in Overwatch PC?

  • In case of running the game on laptop, be sure to switch hardware to dedicated graphics card.
  • Update system drivers to the latest version.
  • Check the system requirements of the game.

How to fix DLL errors in Overwatch?

Our team presents the possible solution to this problem. First of all download special software that can upgrade and download missing DLL files. In our case we recommend to download Dll-Files fixer. After downloading launch the program and start system scan to fix registry errors.

Launch the game and write down the name of DLL file that is missing and then enter it in the search tab. The program automatically will install the file in required location that you could enjoy the game.

How to fix Controller Not working in Overwatch?

Method 1

Use third party software as Joy2Key to solve the problem.

Method 2

  1. Open game root directory and find “x360ce_x64.dll” file.
  2. Rename it to “xinput9_1_0.dll “
  3. If there are no such files, download xinput9_1_0.dll from the web and copy it to game root directory.

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