How to fix errors and issues in Quantum Break on Xbox One?

In this article we present collection of different fixes and solutions to issues in Quantum Break on Xbox One and we will describe how to fix such technical issues as installation problems, DVD-issues and much more.

Installation stops for a long time in Quantum Break

Game installation process depends on how fast the drive will transfer files. For Xbox One the max data transfer rate is 54 Mbps.

How to sync saved games in Quantum Break to cloud

While you’re connected to Xbox Live your saved games will be automatically stored in the cloud. You even don’t have to choose cloud storage. In case if your sign to different Xbox One console, saves of yours will become accessible on another console when you login to your Xbox Live profile.

Quantum Break DVD isn’t working

If the problem arises only with the Quantum Break disc, while other discs work well, try the following recommendations to solve the problem.

  1. Check whether the disc is clean and not defective.
  2. Try to run the game on another game console.
  3. Be sure to install Blu-ray player app successfully
  4. Be sure to have DVD disc from the same region as the purchase was made.

Quantum Break crashes and returnes to Home screen

If the game loads well and you even can start playing then the problem isn’t related to console’s disc drive. It is necessary to check whether your disc scratched or not. Sometimes game freezes and startup problems arise due to some temporary issues that can be solved with the help of simple restart of the game. First of all you have to exit to Home screen by pressing Xbox button and then pressing Menu button to restart the game.

Quantum Break downloads slowly

Slow download speed may arise from experiencing one of the symptoms: progress bar hasn’t advanced for some time, installation takes long time to complete, some errors that arise due to network connectivity. The solution is simple — restart the console and shut down router or modem for few minutes and then try again.

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