How to fix error file io failure in Quantum Break?

After download of Quantum Break from Steam many players faced with the error message «File IO failure: createDirectoryFailed, error code 5». In this article we will describe all possible solutions to this problem.

How to fix error file io failure in Quantum Break?

  1. a) Log on as another user account with administrator rights.
  2. b) Rename the account in Windows

Go to «Start,» right-click «Computer», select «Manage» to open the window «Computer Management», expand the local groups and users on the left side of the window «, open the folder» Users «, right-click on the Account recording you want to rename, select «rename», type the account name (example: MyUser), then press enter (enter) on the keypad and close the «Computer management».

  1. c) Rename the account to display when you log in to Windows.

Go to «Start,» click «Control Panel» in the category «User Accounts and Family Safety», click «Add or remove user accounts», then select the account you want to rename by clicking on it, select from the list «Change account name «, type the account name (example: MyUser), click» Rename «, then close the Control panel.

  1. d) Renaming Windows Account Folder.

Enter the «Start» menu, click «Computer», open the «Local Disk (C :)», open the folder «Users», right-click on the user you want to rename a folder, select «Rename», type the name of the account ( Example: MyUser), then press Enter on the keyboard.

  1. e) Change the path to the Windows user account folder.

Enter the «Start» menu and enter in «Search programs and files» the following command:


regedit program will be displayed in the upper part, click on the right mouse button, select «Run as administrator», allow the program to make changes on your computer, open a window «Registry Editor».

Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

In the folder list S-1-5-21 ~ etc., look ProfileImagePath name value, it specifies the path to the account on Windows, find the path to the user folder you want to rename, click on the name of ProfileImagePath, select «Change. .. «, change the destination folder for the desired (as in the example of the desired account name: MyUser), click» OK «, close the registry editor.


All of these steps we have done personally, everything works, but we can not ensure if it will work in your case. So that all the actions described above you do on your own risk.

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