XCOM 2 guide: manual adjustment of graphics and performance


This guide is intended for those who are already familiar with manual adjustment of games using the configuration files. If you have never dealt with such a deal and fear the probability to break the game, it is better not to change these settings.

How to get access to manual settings in XCOM 2?

Find BaseEngine.ini on the path: Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\Engine\Config. All changes made in the text editor, then save the file to the settings to take effect.

To find the right setting, use a combination of Ctrl + F and scroll to the section [SystemSetting].


Change on False, to receive 1 — 3 additional frames.


Dynamic lighting. Touching is not recommended, although the False setting allows you to squeeze 4-5 frames.


Dynamic shadows set to False allow to receive 6-9 frames, but the game will not look so good.


Dynamic shadows from major sources. Setting to False allows to significantly raise the frame rate, but also affects the quality of the picture. The game will look flat.


The shadows of the light sources in the environment. Make the game more beautiful by eating a couple of frames.


If you have older hardware, type False, cutting off the light from stationary sources on the map. The game will look very flat with the option.


Effect of lighting columns. Beautiful, but it does not affect the gameplay, by eating a couple of frames.


Distortions. Most GPUs working with them without any problems for past 3 years. Put False, only if you have a GPU that runs at an angle.


Particle Distortion. Set False, if you hardly run the game on minimum settings


Volumetric fog and smoke. False for 3-4 extra frames


Image reflections. It does not strongly affect the picture, but eats off a couple of frames.


The level of particle components. Very high values are recommended to improve performance. Low – for quality images. 2000000 — for poor quality.


The value associated with game refining. On the lower level, the weak quality, but high performance


Set to 0 to increase the frequency, but lose the sharpness of some elements.


Shadow resolution. 128 for weak shadows, but high performance.


It affects the sharpness. It is worth experimenting least as much influence on the picture.


It is better not to touch as many objects can lose their textures.


Own resolution

Follow the path: \Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config — find DefaultEngine.ini.

Find ResX and ResY. Set the desired values.

Skip logo and intro

Find DefaultEngine.ini on the path \Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config. Press Ctrl+F и find [FullScreenMovie]






Delete first 4 lines.

Found a mistake? Highlight the text and press Ctrl + Enter
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