How to fix error code 41 in XCOM 2?


After release of highly anticipated game XCOM 2 took place, players faced many errors, including «The steam servers are to busy to handle your request for XCOM 2. Error Code 41«. Error 41 is quite common for newly released games in Steam, and it appears due to overloaded servers service. The simplest solution to this error is to wait until the server will be downloaded.

How to solve the error 41 in XCOM 2?

It is necessary to check whether all the files for XCOM 2 are present on your computer. Correct, and if necessary, download the necessary files with the help of option “Check the integrity of game cache in Steam”

  1. For this launch Steam, right-click on XCOM 2, select Properties> Local Files> Check the integrity of game cache and data.
  2. Wait until the system will check and download any missing files (that you have deleted or moved).

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2 комментария
  1. Fair34 08.02.2016 in 02:20

    My problem is that it keeps happening. It works fine for a while after verification but cashes again soon after.

  2. James 11.02.2016 in 13:55

    I tried this select Properties> Local Files> Check the integrity of game cache and data but it still says error 41is there any other way to fix this?


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