How to fix error 41 in DiRT Rally?

After the release of DiRT Rally many players pf fans of the series faced with the unusual problem connected with the appearence of error 41. Error message says ”The Steam servers are too busy to apply for the Dirt Rally”. In this article we will describe all known and working solutions and fixes for error 41 in DiRT Rally.

Solutions for error 41 in DiRT Rally

Method 1

  1. Go to My documents folder and find there DIRT Rally.
  2. Delete this folder and try to launch the game again.

Method 2
The second solutuon for solving error 41 is connected with integrity of game cache on Steam

  1. Launch Steam
  2. In Library section, right-click on DIRT Rally and choose Properties in the menu.
  3. Press Local files tab and then press Verify integrity of game cache.
  4. Process of verification may take few minutes.

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