Question marks instead of letters characters in Rockstar Games Social Club – how to fix this issue?


After the release of a new update called «Dirty Money: Part 1», many players faced with the problem of appearance of question marks in Social Club at GTA 5 startup. The problem with the question marks mainly arises to players who bought the game in the Warehouse. Also the owners of Steam version face with this problem too.


Check the integrity of game cache (for Steam-version of the game):

  1. Open Steam;
  2. In «Library» section, select the game and press down the right mouse button, then select «Properties» from the menu;
  3. Click «Local files», then click «Check the integrity of game cache»;
  4. Steam will verify the integrity of game files — this can take several minutes. Reinstall the Rockstar Games Social Club. Then close and run the Steam client again.


Try to manually reset the Rockstar Games Social Club for Warehouse game. And then start the launcher as administrator.

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