List of possible errors in Tom Clancy’s: The Division Beta and their solutions

Ubisoft today released a list of known bugs for beta version of Tom Clancy’s The Division: in this version of the game there are some known issues, including the download time of some textures. Full list of «official bugs» is presented below.

Players running Windows 10 may experience problems with the output video signal when using external cards/devices to capture video. Affected models: Atomos Assassin, Elgato Gaming HD60, Atomos Shogun and possibly others.

Textures [Xbox One / PS4 / PC]

Textures may be loaded slowly when the player appears again

Vertical synchronization

A significant drop in the frame rate while using the vertical sync

Solution: Do not use VSync

Windowed Mode

The frame rate can fall down below 20 fps when using windowed or unframed mode.

Solution: Use full screen mode for maximum FPS

Nvidia Performance


In cases where the Dark Zone is full of too many players, the players may experience problems with delayed damage or glitches in the animation

Selection of character

There are graphical display problems when choosing a model character in the higher-resolution 1080p

Gameplay [Xbox One / PS4 / PC]

Saving Private O’Brian

The second wave of enemies does not always appear when a player too quickly eliminates the first wave. Solution: Exit the mission and reconnect to reset mission.

Premium subscription

The player can be stuck on the point of saving in Dark Zone, if the premium subscription will expire while the player is on the save point


The controller vibration option is activated every time a player reborn.

Inability to shoot

A player may lose the ability to shoot coming from Pier Chelsea

Solution: Restart the game



GPS can sometimes work incorrectly and lead to a deadlock


When you install the game in languages ​​other than English, the first launch opens with the English version

Solution: After the first run, select the language in the settings

Bugs and errors [Xbox One / PS4 / PC]

Voice chat

There are various problems with voice chat in the Dark Zone

Solution: Currently chat supports up to 8 players in the surrounding area

Falling through the map

Players can fall through the map during connection to player who is looking intro video

Solution: The player will be teleported to the checkpoint after some time

Ubisoft Club [Xbox One / PS4 / PC]


Ubisoft Club Beta Action may not open if a player creates a Uplay account in the same game session.

Solution: Please reset profile

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