The Division Guide: Where and how to earn ‘Dark zone’ credits

Risk is a reward. This rule works in The Division, if you want to get the best stuff, you have to go in PVP in Dark zones. It is there to be found, or to make money on better weapons and equipment in the game. The «dark zone» inhabited by merchants who accept only the currency earned in the «Zone», and nothing else. Among the range there is blue, purple and orange outfit.

Endless NPC farm

You will be rewarded for every killed NPC enemy in the «dark zone». To do this, you do not even need to have a fairly high level. It is possible to farm over and over again the same group of enemies.

Opening chests

Another place where you can get the currency are chests. They were guarded by the NPC, for the murder of which will also receive the currency, so that the «one shot kill two birds with one stone.» Of course there is a chance that after the killing guarding NPC the chest will not drop the key to open it, nevertheless it is not so great.

Do not die — and certainly not die as a rogue

Every time after the death in a dark environment you lose currency, level and some of your things that could be obtained from NPC chests or after death. And even more money and experience you lose in dying as an outcast. So not having enough «strong» command, it is better not become an outcast. Singles do not last long!

Do not succumb to provocations from the players

The most common case: you meet a group of players, and someone shoot you a couple of times. Thus causing you to return fire. Do not do this if the person who shot you is not a pariah, in 99% of cases it is a provocation, and in case of returned fire you will become an outcast, then the opposite will be shot group, lose points, currency and loot.

Provoke other players/kill other players

The most effective way to obtain and exchange of experience of the Dark Zone — killing other players. Once you kill a player, you become an outcast immediately. This all will know the other players who are on the map and begin the hunt for you.

Yes, it’s not easy. Stayed on the first level is quite simple, but at levels 4 and 5 stands before you disappear from the «radar» of other players is about 7 minutes. And every time you «encounter» with the other players, this timer is updated. If you manage to survive, you will get much more experience and currency.

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