Tom Clancy’s The Division Guide: Tips for Beginners

You have started The Division and managed to perform the first goal. There is a scattering of icons on the map and you want to find the best equipment and weapons. Where do you start? This The Division guide will introduce you to the basic features of the game, just for orienting those who cannot decide the plan of action.

# 1 Do the mission on a high complexity

One of the main features of the The Division beta — is PvP in Dark Zone. Do not go there without preparation. Follow the basic mission and again go through it at a high level of complexity. You will get the experience, better weapons and equipment. Also, go to the blue triangle on the map for more experience and a chance to get equipment.

# 2 Use the shelter

If you have played in GTA 5, then there is the same situation with shelters. If you do not use them, you cannot even start the game. Do not stand like a statue in the midst of a firefight.

# 3 Learn the features of the enemy’s attack

Almost every encounter and mission include more than one wave of enemies. You will hear a warning on the radio, so it can be reserved for an explosive finale.

Watch out for enemies — how they move, where they hide. Who runs into melee, who uses a firearm. If you threw a grenade, you will see the affected area, which implies to get away. Keep away from your enemies with flamethrowers and shoot tanks behind them.

Get to know your enemy.

# 4 Check the map

Slide maps overview to find new clashes. You will see green and blue icons. Although the beta is only one mission, the other is able to accelerate the pumping activity, most importantly explore the available area.

# 5 Modify the weapons and study equipment

Regularly look through loot and pay attention to the features. Even the backpacks of the same level have a different effect on the characteristics — choose the one that suits you.

Equip your weapon with useful modes by moving them, in the case if you find a new gun to your liking.

# 6 Better activity

Share kits to the NPC and kill dogs. All of this brings additional experience.

# 7 Fight for loot with the AI ​​but not players

Being in the Dark Zone, you can search for loot — that, in fact, the essence. Move to the sights and engage in a firefight with the enemy. After collect the loot.

You may have a desire to attack other players to search their loot. But do not do it alone. Only if you have an advantage in the amount of firepower or the effect of surprise. Furthermore, by killing other players you will become a target for everyone.

# 8 Stay away from the player’s killers

If you are in a dark zone and see a group of icons of red skulls, it is very likely that they will kill you if you do not run away. These groups come together to improve their chances of survival. If you earn the highest rating of «bandit» and survive, you can get one of the best things in the game. However, alone it is almost unreal.

# 9 Do not make full your inventory

Regularly take out the loot collected from the Dark Zone. If you kill someone, you can say goodbye to loot. You can mark unneeded loot like garbage to get rid of the excess.

# 10 Use fast movement

Manhattan is beautiful, but run through the streets will bore you after a couple of hours. You can use the rapid movement between databases or missions. Open the map, select the marker and activate the transition. You can also quickly move to the members of you team.

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